PM Imran Khan’s Nephew Hassan Niazi Hit SHO Punjab Police in Violent Protest.

By Murtaza Arshad Butt

A Protest took place at Liberty Chowk Lahore against Lockdown in Lahore, rallies gathered from different areas of Lahore. Situation got tensed when Punjab Police used violence to scattered the protestors and PM Imran Khan’s Nephew Hassan Niazi got Exploded into Violence Hit SHO Punjab Police forcefully which can be seen in video:

The demands of Restaurant owners and workers are:

  • If restaurants and hotels are forced to closed – atleast govt should give waiters some grant.
  • Restaurants in mall are closed since 1 year. This is the time that government talks to restaurant association and drives a plan to stop unemployment and closure of restaurants.
  • Do not restrict the dine-in

Some of twitter users condemned the act of Hassan Niazi and tweeted:

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