PTI Government want to demolish Jati Umrah residence of the Sharif family says PMLN

LAHORE: The PML-N has warned Imran Khan to avoid taking any illegal action against the Sharif family’s Jati Umrah residence. PTI Government want to demolish Jati Umrah residence of the Sharif family says PMLN

The warning was issued by PML-N leader Marriyum Aurengzeb and Atta Tarar at a press conference held on Thursday here.

“Imran Niazi Sahib when you are sitting in a glass house, you don’t throw stones on others,” she said,

adding that this time they will not stop the hand of tyrant and oppressor but will break it. Giving details, she said the land has been owned by the Sharif family since 1992.

“All its records have been submitted to the court. Thugs have been forcing the officials of the Board of Revenue and Tehsil Raiwind for the last three months to make fake documents that the land belongs to the government of Punjab,”

she claimed, adding that 127 Kanals out of Sharifs-owned 1500 Kanals were de-notified on which the family immediately reached a court and got a stay order against the government’s move on Thursday.

“They want to attack the Jati Umrah residence of the Sharif family in the dark,” she said.

Atta Tarar claimed that the government of Punjab changed the record in the documents of the Board of Revenue but on Thursday, the court stopped them from taking any practical action regarding demolition of the Jati Umrah residence.

Marriyum said the government announced giving 50 lakh houses to people but instead they are destroying the houses of people, especially the opposition.

“If Imran Khan has the guts or courage, he should demolish the Jati Umrah residence,”

she said and added when officials denied that the documents of the Sharif family residence cannot be altered, Shehzad Akbar directed holding Patwaris hostages to tamper with the land record.

Even in the regime of Pervez Musharraf, no one tried to attack the house of the Sharif family in Jati Umrah, she added.

Atta Tarar said the court has stopped the planned demolition of the house. He said majority of the members of the gang of thieves have dual citizenship and now all these people should be put on the ECL.

“All documents were tampered in such haste that they forgot that the Sharif family too has the original documents, which they can’t change. ” Atta Tarar added,

“The tampering was done secretly and no notice was given to the Sharif family by any revenue staffer, deputy commissioner and commissioner Lahore.” Said Tarar

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